SMKC Canine Training - Upcoming Sessions

Handling Classes have resumed and will start 10/13/2021.
There are 2 classes, both on Wednesday at the Charles County Fairgrounds in the outdoor pavilion.  The 6 pm is currently full, but there is a second class that is held at 7:30 pm that still has space.  Classes run for 8 weeks.  See Training Page for more details.

There will be no obedience classes!

Below are the classes we will be offering - but final decisions will depend on interest.   You may show your interest in these classes by using the


button.  Please give us all information so we can get back to you when the class is finalized.  Your email will be used to give you updates of time and classes.

How to Enroll:

The fee for an 8 week session is $85.00 for the complete 8 week session, payable at the first class (if not pre-registered).  Make checks payable to Southern Maryland Kennel Club.  You may also participate in the sessions on an evening-by-evening basis for $20.00 per night.

To enroll in the 8-week training session fill out the Enrollment Form , Check – Current Shot Record (puppies under 6 months: shots to date, rabies not required) and bring to the first class.  For questions, please contact Melanie Donis at

Training Sessions are routinely held two times a year at approximately the following times.  Always on Wednesday Night.

  • Spring - After Spring Break (depends on cancellations during Winter Session)

  • Fall - After the Charles County Fair (about end of September)

There are NO Summer or Winter Sessions!

If you are interested in a class we list, please:

Please show your interest by using the INTERESTED button for the classes in the EVENTS block above.  This gives us an idea of how many may be coming so we can schedule instructors.  Sometimes if there is no interest, we may cancel a class. 

If you send an email, please:

Please include all pertinent contact information including phone number.  I do usually add your name and info to our local, "accessible to me" Database, so I can send notices of training coming up.  I also use that information to route your request to the proper person.  Also PLEASE include your dog(s)' age and breed if you are asking for information other than just a "when is the next training session?" - breed and age have a bearing on any information we can point you towards.

Cancellation Policy follows Charles County Public Schools:


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Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page and the ‘Help & Answers’ tab on the CNS registration pages for additional information regarding the CNS system. If you need assistance after referring to these sources, email us at